Music of Elliot Z. Levine

Elliot Z. Levine: baritone, Western Wind Vocal Ensemble. M.M. Manhattan School of Music, B.A. Queens College. Orff School, Salzburg; conducting: Robert Hickok; composition: Robert Starer, Brooklyn College; five Meet-the-Composer Grants. Conductor and coach at Western Wind Workshops: Dartmouth, Penn State, U. Mass & Smith College, national and statewide ACDA Conferences. Composer-in-residence, Church of St. Thomas More, N.Y.C. Video and film scores.

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Music for Chanukah

  • Al Hanissim (For the miracles) Hebrew • SATB a cappella SP101 $1.30
  • Chanukah Oy Chanukah Yiddish/English • arr. keyboard/guitar & violin SP103 $1.00
  • Drey Zikh Yiddish/English • keyboard/guitar & violin/flute; arr. SSA and/or TTB SP104 $1.00
  • Hayo Haya Hebrew • arr. 2 part chorus, guitar & violin SP102 $1.00
  • Lo V’chayil (Not by might nor by power) English/Hebrew • SATB a cappella SP100 $1.30
  • Mee Y’Malel (Who can retell?) Round • English/Hebrew SP136 $.90
  • Mi Ze Hidlik Hebrew • keyboard/guitar& recorder/violin arr. SSA or TTB SP105 $1.00
  • Mi Ze Y’Malel (Sephardic song) • monophonic SP155 $.90

Music for Passover & Holocaust Remembrance

  • Ashrey Hagafrur (Blessed is the Match) SSATTB & Violin SP106 $1.50

Music for Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur

  • B’Sefer Chayim SATB a cappella SP108 $.85
  • Areshet Sefatenu & Zochrenu SATB a cappella SP109 $1.00
  • Avinu Malkeinu SATB a cappella SP110 $1.10
  • Hashkivenu BB a cappella SP130 $.90
  • Han’Shamalach (Carlebach) solo & SATB a capella SP156 $1.75

Music For The Church

  • Ave Maria SATB & S solo a cappella SP112 $1.50
  • Come Thou Fount SATB & S solo a cappella SP134 $.75
  • Cum Essem Parvulus When I was a child (Corinthians) SSA, SA, SA a cappella SP137A
    or SSA, SAT, STB SP137B $1.50
  • Come In TBB or SAA a cappella SP114 $.85
  • Darkest Night (Christmas) SATB a cappella SP115 $.90
  • Good Friday Reproaches SATTBB a cappella SP116$1.10
  • I Lift Up Mine Eyes SATB a cappella SP126 $.85
  • Lord, Make Me To Know Your Ways SATB a cappella SP138$.75
  • Missa Mundi SATB, tpt1&2, F.H, Tb., Organ SP124 $3.50
  • Missa Morus SATB a cappella SP122 $1.50
  • O Vos Omnes SATB a cappella SP133 $.75
  • Panis Angelicus SATB a cappella SP131 $.85
  • Pentecost Sequence SATTBB a cappella SP118 $1.25
  • Psalm 23 English • SATBB a cappella SP113 $1.25
  • There is No Fear 5-part round SP135 $.75
  • This is the Day the Lord Has Made SATTBB & 2 Tpts. Alleluia(& Organ) SP127 $1.85
  • Two Motets for Epiphany SAB + keyboard & a cappella Spanish/English SP160 $1.00
  • Ye Men of Galilee SATB a cappella SP117 $1.00

Concert Works

  • Animals (Walt Whitman) • SAB a cappella SP107 $.90
  • i thank You God (e.e. cummings) SATB & SATTB acapella SP119 or SSATTB SP119A $2.00
  • Raslo Dervo (Bosnian Folksong) • SSATTB a cappella SP128 $1.25
  • Seven Duets for Two Sopranos (Pollitt & others) 2 with piano SP120$5.00
  • Stopping By Woods (Frost) SATB & piano SP139 or SSAA & piano SP139A $1.00
  • The Animal Cantata (Van Cleef) Chorus, soloists, Cello, Flute, Oboe, H.B. (35 minutes) SP137 $8.00
  • The Arrow and the Song (Longfellow) SATB & Piano SP123 $1.00
  • The Little Red Hen SSATTB, hand bell and SSA children SP121 $4.00
  • Two Japanese Songs SATB & guitar/keyboard; 3 pt. Round SP159 $.85

Other Composers

  • The Fox SATB a cappella from Ravenscroft SP129 $.70
  • Flos Regalis (Anon. 14th Century English conductus) SSA or TTB a cappella SP125 $.85
  • Mille Regrets Josquin des Prez SATB a cappella SP141$.75
  • Seven Shaker Songs (collection) a cappella SP142 $1.00
  • Yo Me Soy la Morenica anon. SATB a cappella SP132 $.75

Willis Music Company

  • From Heaven High SATB, Keyboard or guitar, flute 11686E $1.50
  • I, John Had a Vision SATB a cappella, bar. solo 11747E $.95
  • May the Words of My Mouth (Yi h’yu l’ratzon) SATB a cappella 11746E $.95
  • Out of the Depths SATB a-capella 11745E $.95
  • Peaceful Night, Starlit Night (Come Away, Far Away) SAB or SSA & Piano or Guitar 11748E $.95
  • Three Motets Ave Verum, Ave Maria, O Sacrum Convivium SATB a cappella 11744E $1.25

Harold Flammer Inc

  • While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks SATB, keyboard, flute, A-6393 $.90
  • The Western Wind Songbook: If Anybody Ask You; Mary Heard the Angel’s Voice; I Lift Up Mine Eyes GA-5041

E. Henry David Music Publishers

  • Jesus, Gentle Savior (Jesu, Meine Freude) SSATB a cappella 392-02510 $1.15
  • Psalm 8, O Lord Our God SSA or TTB a cappella 392-02520

Plymouth Music Company, Inc.

  • El Progreso Honduras SSATTB & SAB (children) a cappella
  • O Desayo (Angolan Folk Song) SA piano WWIC-101 $1.15 a WWIC-100 $1.15

Shadow Press publications by number

100 Lo V’Chayil
101 Al Hanissim
102 Hayo Haya
103 Chanukah oy Chanukah
104 Drezich
105 Mi ze Hidlik
106 Ashrey hagafrur
107 Animals
108 B’Sefer
109 Areshet
110 Avinu malkeinu
111 Ki Anu Amecha
112 Ave Maria
113 Psalm 23 (choral)
114 Come In
112 Darkest Night
116 Good Friday reproaches
117 Ye men of Galilee
118 Pentecost Sequence
119 i thank you god (10-part)
119A i thank you god (6-part)
120 Seven Duets for two sopranos
121 The Little Red Hen
122 Missa Morus
123 The Arrrow and the song
124 Missa Mundi
125 Flos Regalis
126 I Lift Up Mine Eyes
127 This is the day (accomp.)
127A This is the day (a cappella)
128 Raslo Dervo
129 The Fox
130 Hashkivenu
131 Panis Angelicus
132 Yo Me soy
133 O Vos Omnes
134 Come Thou Fount
135 There is No fear
136 Mee Y’Malel
137A Cum Essem Parvulus (Treble)
137B Cum Essem Parvulus (SATB)
138 Lord make Me to know your ways
139 Stopping by woods
140 The Animal Cantata
141 Mille Regrets
142 Seven Shaker Songs
143 Ode to the table
144 Mexico Fellaheen
155 Mi Ze Y’Malel
156 Han’Shamalach
157 Maoz Tzur
158 Haven Yakir Li
159 Seasons & Time + Colors
160 Psalm 89-Tu eres mi Padre
161 Thou shall love the lord
162 Alle, Psallite Cum Luya
163 Psalm 23 (song, Hebrew)
164 Four Cantorial Solos
165 Everybody Loves the Sea
166 Hope is the thing with feathers
167 Pensé Morir
168 The Way
169 Dreams of Eurydice
170 Clock Wise Revolution
171 O Clap Your Hands Together
172 Shalom Aleichem
173 The Serpent
174 Nine Rounds
175 Ubi Caritas
176 Mary Heard the angels voice
177 If Anybody ask you
178 Michamocha
179 The Road Not Taken
179A solo songz
181 Shenandoah
182A Songs of Elliot Levine (high key)
182B Low key
183 Good Friday Reproaches
184 justice
185 Yedid Nefesh
186 Avinu Malkeinu
187 Ki Anu Amecha
188 Shall I Touch
189 And Thou My soul
190 Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee
191 Shenandoah
192 By the Waters of Babylon
193 Psalm 23 (voice & cello)
194 Oseh Shalom
195 Eil Na R'fa Na Lah
196 God Put Abraham To the Test
197 But I Can’t
198 Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet
199 El Progreso Honduras
200 Two Meditations
201 Songs and Rounds for Temple
202 La Rosa Enfloresce
203 Psalm 93
203 The First Song Ever Sung
204 Make a Joyful Noise

Alphabetical List of Music of Elliot Z. Levine:

Al Hanissim
Areshet Zochrenu
Arrow and the Song, The
Ashrey hagafrur
Ave maria
Avinu Malkeinu
B’Sefer Chayim
But I Can’t
By the Waters of Babylon
Chanukah Oy Chanukah
Clock Wise Revolution
Come Thou Font
Cum Essem Parvulus
Darkest Night
Dreams of Eurydice
Drey zich
El Progresso
Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee
Everybody loves the Sea
Flos Regalis
Four Cantorial Solos
From heaven High
God Put Abraham to the Test
Good Friday Reproaches
Hayo haya
Hope is the thing with feathers
If Anybody Ask You
I John
I Lift Up My Eyes
I thank You God
Jesus Gentle Savior
Ki Anu Amecha
La Rosa Enfloresce
Little Red Hen
Lord Make Me To Know Your Ways
Lo V’Chayil
Make A Joyful Noise
Maoz Tzur
Mass of St. Thomas More
Mary Heard the Angels Voice
May the Words
Mee Y’Malel
Missa Morus
Mille s Regretz
Mi Ze Hidlik
Nine Rounds
O Desayo
Out of the Depths
O Clap Your Hands Together
Oseh Shalom
O Vos Omnes
Panis Angelicus
Peaceful Night
Pensé Morir
Psalm 8
Psalm 23 (choral)
Psalm 23 (song)
Psalm 23 (voice & cello)
Psalm 93
Raslo Dervo
Seven Duets
Seven Shaker Songs
Shalom Aleichem
Songs and Rounds for Temple
Songs of Elliot Z. Levine
Ten Rounds
The First Song Ever Sung
The Road Not Taken
The Serpent
The Way
There is No Fear
This is the Day the Lord Has Made
Three Motets
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
Two Meditations (Yih’yu & Oseh Shalom)
Two Japanese Songs
Ubi Caritas
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
Yedid Nefesh
Yo Me Soy
Eil Na R'fa Na Lah